Booster 120

Accelerant liquid additive for synthetic products

Booster 120 is a liquid additive used to improve the drying time of synthetic product in water emulsion. Is added in the liquid waterproofing products to allow their application also at low temperatures (3° C) and high level of humidity. Thanks to Booster 120 the products creates a dry film on the surface more quickly that can resist at the atmospheric agents. Booster 120 in prebatched bottles for 20 Kg boxes can be addes at the following products: - Acryroof Plus - Acryroof Plus Fibro - Acrytop - Acryroof - Acryrubber - Colorpark Level - Colorpark AC At the temperature of 3° C Booster 120, correctly mixed with the product, allows the formation of a superficial dry film after only 2 hours.



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