Dermacem Fibro

Two-component cement and synthetic polymer based fibre-reinforced colorable liquid waterproofing, suitable for containment of drinking water

Dermacem Fibro is a cement and synthetic polymer based fibre-reinforced two-component liquid waterproofing in water dispersion. The presence of high-modulus synthetic fibres in the mixture means that the product may be used without reinforcement. After drying, Dermacem Fibro forms a thin waterproof film that is particularly elastic and adapts to movements of the deck caused by settlement or thermal stress. The product may be used to waterproof small surfaces (‚ȧ 30 sq.m.) such as balconies, stairs, bathrooms, etc. and to waterproof tanks, swimming pools and foundations even when groundwater is present. Dermacem Fibro is also the perfect choice for protecting concrete structures from aggressive substances in the atmosphere, land or sea water. When treating perimeter and expansion joints, connection areas between different materials or construction joints, we strongly recommend the use of Casaband SA or Acryfelt Band (elastic reinforcement bands). Dermacem Fibro can also be used as carbonation protective coat on concrete, external facades and cementitious surfaces.

CE Mark
Light grey
Dermacem neutral
Light blue


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