Dermacolor Cool Roof.

High reflectance protective paint in water emulsion for bituminous membranes and metal surfaces

Dermacolor Cool Roof is a high-reflectance synthetic-based white paint in water emulsion whose special formulation with glass micro-spheres makes it the ideal solution for protecting bituminous polymer waterproofing membranes against UV radiation, significantly lowering the surface temperature (up to 40°C with respect to a black membrane). This attenuates the phenomenon of urban heat islands, also reducing the deterioration of exposed waterproofing waterproof systems laid directly on the roofing, and giving significant a energy saving due to less use of the air conditioning systems in buildings. Dermacolor Cool Roof has been tested to ascertain its solar reflection index (SRI)* obtaining the excellent result of 103.5. The SRI indicates the capacity of a material to reflect ultraviolet rays so that the higher the index the greater the solar rays reransmitted by the material will be, meaning that less heat is accumulated and transmitted to the rooms below; tests were carried out on the polymer bitumen membrane Dermabit (Casali). Dermacolor Cool Roof may also be used to protect foamed polyurethane and as an ultrareflecting protective finish for Casali's liquid waterproofing systems.



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