Dermarubber S/P

Elastomer solvent-based bituminous liquid waterproofing, root-stop

Dermarubber S/P is a highly elastic waterproofing liquid (1000%) thanks to its formulation with bitumen in solution elastomerised with special molecules. The product contains a special root-stop product that protects the structure from plants, and is the perfect choice for waterproofing flower boxes, roof gardens, foundations and retaining walls. Dermarubber S/P is also used to repair old and damaged bituminous membranes. When treating cracks on the deck, perimeter and expansion joints, connection areas between different materials or construction joints, we strongly recommend the use of Acryfelt Band (elastic reinforcement bands). Dermarubber S/P should be protected from ultraviolet radiation with a sprinkling of fresh slate chips layer on layer or a specific protective paint (such as Reflex or Reflex AR).

CE Mark


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