Multifixo 100

One-component primer for plaster, mortar, smoothing coats, finishes, resins and liquid waterproofing

Multifixo 100 is a synthetic resin-based product in water emulsion containing selected sands that acts as primer for plaster, mortars and smoothing products, finishes, resins and liquid waterproofing applied on smooth and low absorbing decks such as RC treated with release agent, clinker, ceramics, wood, metal, plasterboard, plaster, insulating panels, brick, aerated concrete, polycarbonate, fibre glass, etc. Multifixo 100 is an excellent primer for ceramic floors. Thanks to its special formulation which makes the product resistant to prolonged contact with water and moisture, it is also an excellent primer for the application of water-based liquid waterproofing systems such Dermacem, Acryroof and Acryroof Plus, making it much easier and faster to prepare the laying surface while ensuring perfect adhesion of the waterproofing system as a whole to the deck.



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