Pastedil EP11

Two-component epoxy-polyurethane glue / stucco

Pastedil EP 11 is an epoxy-polyurethane based two-component product used in the building industry. The product may be used to glue PvC and TPo prefabricated membranes on cement decks or bind low porosity or smooth components (metal surfaces, wood, parquet, etc.) or used as stucco to repair damaged industrial floors or fill and level out small hollows. Thanks to its two-component technology, Pastedil EP 11 ensures secure tough gluing and may also be used on decks subject to rising damp. To improve filling and stuccoing performance, a quantity of no more than 35% (in weight) of quartz sand with grading between 0.1 - 0.3 mm may be added to Pastedil EP 11 (after adding the filler test the product on a small part of the surface in order to ensure that the material meets your requirements). The product may be used for bonding and gluing polyurethane insulation panels but is not suitable for use on polystyrenes panels.

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